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Sue Brandes

My favorite beach memory is when I was in high school and I got to see my first ocean when I went on a school trip. I cannot remember what beach we went to anymore but; it was beautiful.


Just going to the Jersey shore with my family and the memory of going home exhausted, slightly burned, sticky, sandy and happy.


Megan P.

My favorite beach memory was when my Uncle took my sisters and I to the Michigan State Dunes and we spent all day exploring and climbing all over them. The best part about the whole day was getting to roll all the way down the dune. Thanks for the giveaway and I love your newsletter! :)

Pam S/pams00

My favorite beach memory is taking my son often when he was younger. Building sand castle forts and racing to see who could find the most "different" kinds of shells.

FB name: Pamela Freeman Sinclair


i don't have facebook ç_ç but i'm a newsletter suscriber for a long time already ^^

favourite beach memory i didn't get to go often but i rememeber when i eat all the plate of museels of my father ^^ for the past year he tried to make me eat them and at first i took only one, the next time a few and that year i simply switched the plate and he couldn't believe his eyes^^ i remember his smile until he saw what he had to eat in teh end^^;;

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